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Magician Entertains at Interlachen Country Club

Thank you to the banquet manager for the following comment after my show at Interlachen Country Club yesterday.


“Norm the magician does a wonderful job. At least a 100 laughs during the show. I highly recommend him for any type of party.” Mark T.  – Banquet Manager – Interlachen Country Club


More about comedy magic shows and the magician in Minneapolis:


Magic entertainment adds life to the party.  I enjoy hearing the laughter and seeing the looks of amazement.




International Brotherhood of Magicians Annual Banquet in Minneapolis

The International Brotherhood of Magicians had their annual banquet this past Sunday eventing at the Twin Cities Magic and Costume company. A huge turnout of over 75 people enjoyed a delicious Famous Dave’s catered dinner followed by awards and a terrific show.

First up was the installation of new officers, Kenny De3wit the outgoing president installed the new president. Next the organization named past president and convention coordinator, Paul Chimzar the Magician of the Year. Dave Walbridge was the M.C. and got things started off with a laugh as the audience settled in for an evening of comedy and magic.

The first act on the bill was Norman a Charlie Chaplin type character who discovers a box of magic on the stage and when he opens it amazing tricks start happening to him. He is astounded as a magic wand made a silk scarf appear. He replaces it for his tatter old one, then discovers that the scarf makes an egg appear, then the egg is cracked and a rubber chicken surprises him. Then a rapid ammount of items appear, balls jumbo coins and then a large silver ball is found and it begins to float magically. A hat is discovered in the case and then a water bottle is found in the hat, then more balls and sausages and he begins to eat them with comic results. Finally a ton of paper cascades from the hat and another rubber chicken surprises him.

Next was the comic musings of Dave Walbridge from the Big Fun Show. He amazed the audience with silks appearing and disappearing at his bare hands as well as other  comic effects.

The next act was from of the younger members of the club Nick. He did a dynamic comedy routine with cards and audience invovlement. He wrapped it up with some comedy fire eating that had the crowd in stitches.

Next on the bill was The Amazing Normondo the Great. a comic act by Norm Barnhart where he performs as a haughty Vegas performer who is having a train wreck of a show. Flower bouquets are shredded, a newspaper is torn and restored, (almost), a dollar bill disappeared to be lost forever, A cannon ball is vanished, a card sword routine goes wrong where the sword is accidentally stabbed through his shoe and the spectator’s card is seen pinned to the bottom of his foot by the sword. He finishes with a hilarious comic pickpocket act that ended with the spectator’s tie being swiped. Fresh roses are passed to the ladies in the audience as he exited to thunderous applause.  THis is the 11th time this act has been invited to appear at the Minneapolis Magicians Club Banquet.

The final act was the Amazing and comical George Tovar. George did his delightful Eleven Bill trick as well as a hilarious discovery of cards selected by 7 spectators. George was one of the performers in the now classic Triple Espresso Show as seen at the Music Box Theater in Minneapolis and at other major cities. He also is a regular performer at the Magic Castle and is there this week doing 3 shows a night. George is a charming and magical entertainer.

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