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All ages Enjoy Comedy Magic

Two weeks back I did four shows on one day.

The morning magic show was for the school aged child care at the Salvation Army in St. Paul. The director said the show was wonderful and the kids had a great time. It was evident by their faces throughout the show. I like that look of startled amazement that happens after one of the tricks catches the person by surprise.  Magic is amazing.

Later that same day I did three programs for elderly at the Ecumen Parmly Life Points senior care center. These folks were so fun. Many were dressed up in their Halloween hats. They enjoyed joining in and being a part of the show. They remember the classic TV variety shows such as Ed Sullivan, Sonny and Cher, the tonight Show with Johnny Carson. On those programs many variety performers such as myself brought laughs to audiences across America.  So they really enjoy seeing the the comedy and amazing magic tricks in person.

Most of these residents were in wheelchairs, and that is no problem as I brought the tricks right to them. I would pass out ropes to be examined before one stunt, or I would have them hold props and even one is decked out with a star covered cape and magic top hat and then becomes the magician for the vanishing bottle trick. It is very fun, and I love to see the smiling faces and hear the laughter as the tricks unfold. One trick they all enjoyed participating in was when I strolled through the crowd and pulled silver dollars from their ears and elbows.  I enjoyed seeing their gasps of amazement as I filled my bucket with coins.


All ages enjoy seeing a comedy magic show in St. Paul or Minneapolis.  I always have such a happy feeling as I leave a show.  So many people come up after to say it was great.  I just do my best and strive for excellence. For the younger children’s shows, I stand by the exit as the children leave the show and wave goodbye and give them a souvenir from the show. It is fun to see their smiling faces as they say, “Wow, how did you do that?” “my favorite trick was when you…” or “That was so cool.”

For the senior groups I love to walk through the audience and say goodbye to each person. Their faces light up and they offer such nice compliments.  I want them to know I appreciate them and that I was glad when they helped with the various tricks. I’ll ask, “How did you make that scarf disappear? Or, how did you make that newspaper trick work?”  I want everyone at the senior care facility to know that they are special and yet some how they pour their kindness and love back on me and I leave feeling great.

The director of activities at Parmly Care Center wrote a nice letter a week later.

“Thank you so much! I heard some rave reviews!!” – Shannon Y.

Tonight I do my third appearance over the past 6 years for the Senior Group at Saint Alphonsus Church in Brooklyn Center. I look forward to it as they are so much fun.


Last weekend I did a regular adult audience for a school fund raiser. 350-400 adults laughing at the comedy magic is my favorite sound.  I look forward to bringing comedy and fun to your special event in Minnesota. I bring Comedy entertainment to Holiday parties and company banquets.

Magician for Corporate Banquets

Magic and Comedy add fun to corporate banquets and holiday parties.  I have four already booked for this December, but there is still some availability on the calendar.

When you are considering hiring an entertainer for a banquet, check the website for video and comments from others who have enjoyed the presentation.

Here is a link to You Tube video of comments about – Minnesota Corporate Magician.


Learn more about comedy magic shows for holiday parties at

I have brought comedy magic to the Magic Castle in Hollywood. Jack, the entertainment director said, “Thank you for a great weekend of shows!”
“Your presentation was great! Everyone was talking about the evening the next day. It was great the way you get people involved.”

Ann – FleetwoodGoldcoWyard Co.

I am happy to make people happy. I look forward to being of service to you and your group at your next corporate event, banquet or awards program.


Comedy Magic is fun!


Magician Entertains at Interlachen Country Club

Thank you to the banquet manager for the following comment after my show at Interlachen Country Club yesterday.


“Norm the magician does a wonderful job. At least a 100 laughs during the show. I highly recommend him for any type of party.” Mark T.  – Banquet Manager – Interlachen Country Club


More about comedy magic shows and the magician in Minneapolis:


Magic entertainment adds life to the party.  I enjoy hearing the laughter and seeing the looks of amazement.




International Brotherhood of Magicians Annual Banquet in Minneapolis

The International Brotherhood of Magicians had their annual banquet this past Sunday eventing at the Twin Cities Magic and Costume company. A huge turnout of over 75 people enjoyed a delicious Famous Dave’s catered dinner followed by awards and a terrific show.

First up was the installation of new officers, Kenny De3wit the outgoing president installed the new president. Next the organization named past president and convention coordinator, Paul Chimzar the Magician of the Year. Dave Walbridge was the M.C. and got things started off with a laugh as the audience settled in for an evening of comedy and magic.

The first act on the bill was Norman a Charlie Chaplin type character who discovers a box of magic on the stage and when he opens it amazing tricks start happening to him. He is astounded as a magic wand made a silk scarf appear. He replaces it for his tatter old one, then discovers that the scarf makes an egg appear, then the egg is cracked and a rubber chicken surprises him. Then a rapid ammount of items appear, balls jumbo coins and then a large silver ball is found and it begins to float magically. A hat is discovered in the case and then a water bottle is found in the hat, then more balls and sausages and he begins to eat them with comic results. Finally a ton of paper cascades from the hat and another rubber chicken surprises him.

Next was the comic musings of Dave Walbridge from the Big Fun Show. He amazed the audience with silks appearing and disappearing at his bare hands as well as other  comic effects.

The next act was from of the younger members of the club Nick. He did a dynamic comedy routine with cards and audience invovlement. He wrapped it up with some comedy fire eating that had the crowd in stitches.

Next on the bill was The Amazing Normondo the Great. a comic act by Norm Barnhart where he performs as a haughty Vegas performer who is having a train wreck of a show. Flower bouquets are shredded, a newspaper is torn and restored, (almost), a dollar bill disappeared to be lost forever, A cannon ball is vanished, a card sword routine goes wrong where the sword is accidentally stabbed through his shoe and the spectator’s card is seen pinned to the bottom of his foot by the sword. He finishes with a hilarious comic pickpocket act that ended with the spectator’s tie being swiped. Fresh roses are passed to the ladies in the audience as he exited to thunderous applause.  THis is the 11th time this act has been invited to appear at the Minneapolis Magicians Club Banquet.

The final act was the Amazing and comical George Tovar. George did his delightful Eleven Bill trick as well as a hilarious discovery of cards selected by 7 spectators. George was one of the performers in the now classic Triple Espresso Show as seen at the Music Box Theater in Minneapolis and at other major cities. He also is a regular performer at the Magic Castle and is there this week doing 3 shows a night. George is a charming and magical entertainer.

Reported by: Magician in Minneapolis –

Medina Entertainment Center is Excellent Party Place

The Medina Entertainment center is a wonderful place to host a party or banquet. Their rooms are tastefully decorated for the season and the staff is great and the food is very tasty.

I have entertained in every one of their banquet rooms many times over the years. The most recent was for 500 people at the Teamster’s Holiday Party held in the Medina Grand Ballroom. This was my 5th time working for this group over the years. I also appeared at the Halloween party with Chopper for the 3rd time this past October. This party had well over 500 people in attendance. The Medina can handle large groups as well as smaller ones.

Medina Entertainment Center

500 Minnesota 55, Medina, MN 55340

(763) 478-6661 ‎

The Medina Entertainment Center also has many medium sized rooms that accommodate various size groups. Many groups that have had my show will then send their guests off to go bowling after at the Medina Bowling alley just down the hall. This a great combination for your next party or banquet.

Some groups plan an evening around a special event. One group had my after dinner show in one of the rooms for their guests. Then after my comedy show, many of them went upstairs for a live music act that was performing in the ballroom. That time I think it was the Rockin’ Hollywoods. This is a very cost effective way to have your group enjoy live entertainment without the expense “renting” a band to come to your spot. You might be able to hire a band for $1,000-$3,000 or for $10 a ticket you could send your group of 35 people up to see a great show like the Rockin’ Hollywoods. This is a very economical idea for a smaller holiday party. This is one big benefit of the Medina Entertainment Center.

I have also entertained the Staff at the Medina 3 times and am glad they enjoy my comedy and bring me back again and again. They have recommended me to many of their groups and I am thankful that the see the quality of my work.

More about a magician in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Keys to a Successful Company Holiday Party or Banquet

By Norm Barnhart

The difference between a great event and an average party can be very elusive to many company party organizers.  You want your guests to enjoy themselves. You want the event to be unique, fun and a hit with your friends and co-workers, and you want people to leave with positive memories and a feeling of being glad that they came. As challenging as it is to put a successful event together, this should be a fun process and it can all smoothly come together by following a few simple guidelines.

There are many locations that host lovely parties and once your group’s size is established you can look for a meeting room that is ideal.  Event centers, ballrooms, hotels and restaurants offer meeting rooms and dinners at a wide range of costs.  Figure $12-$15 for lower priced menus and $18-$28 for fine dining.  Of course you can also find many places that will give you a superb dinner and atmosphere for much more.

A great atmosphere and quality of food is a big part of the success of an event but as we will discuss soon, that may not be the single most important consideration is the success of a company banquet or party.

Don’t let the high cost fool you. You can have a very successful event on a smaller budget. I have been a part of many very wonderful events and company parties that have been held at the office and these were economically catered with very tasty food and the crowd had a blast.

Probably the reason that buffets are very popular for this type of event is at least the guest can choose what they like and is often hotter than food that is brought out on a covered plate.

One quick thing to consider in event selection is parking. Discover if the hotel charges guests for parking, as some have a fee of up to $12 per car that your guests must pay before they even step into the “free” event.

Decorations can be fancy or frugal, but in the dim light of a banquet room you might find that spending a lot may not add anything to the event.  A simple yet elegant option is to place a candle on an 8” square mirror at the center of each table.  Helium balloons can be designed in beautiful ways such as arches and in other festive ways, but consider the inability of people to see the speaker or president of the company as these may block the sight lines to the stage if the balloons are floating up from the center of each table.   Decoration suggestions will be covered in another article.

The Number One Key to a Great Event!

Step back and consider some of the events you have attended and what made them great.  It comes down to the people having fun together.  There are ways to instigate fun and bring humor into a party that will make all the difference.

Someone I admire a lot said, “When was the last time you, or someone you know, said, “Wow, that Chicken Kiev was sure awesome 3 weeks ago at the office party.”  Chances are the food was good, but not outstanding or memorable as the waiters brought it in on covered patters that were put together an hour before and held in heating racks in the back room.   Food, decoration or the hall have little to do with what makes an event memorable or the successful.

The number one factor to an event’s success is as simple as selecting the right after-dinner entertainment. Many entertainment committees will spend much time and resources on the menu and decorations and this adds positively to the atmosphere of the event, but what your guests will remember and still talk about weeks after, will be the laughter they had and the real team building fun of an excellent entertainer.  This sounds simple and easy. The following are some tips to help bring this all together and make your next event very successful.

First, by entertainment, we are not talking here about a D.J. or a band.  This is basically background entertainment and adds to the event in many ways.  But people can still have fun with even an average D.J. as things can keep moving by selecting a few good tunes.  For tips on selecting a great D. J. look for another article on this topic and some recommendations.  I have observed many events where when the band starts half the audience leaves as it is loud or not to their taste.

The #1 key to a wonderful event is bringing in an after dinner entertainer that grabs your audience’s attention and brings them together. This is the expertise  of a comedy entertainer who skillfully works the room.  Discovering a great entertainer for your event is your challenge and can be a daunting task.  The rest of this article will present many suggestions that will help give your event a very strong and positive outcome.