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My Friend The Amazing Jeffo!

The Amazing Jeffo is a fun family entertainer and magician from So. St. Paul. He has a great sense of humor and is a very clever magician.  He bills himself as “Not your Typical Blind Magician” and that is true. He is amazing.

He is also a motivational speaker on the topic of Keeping a Positive Attitude and also does disability awareness training for corporate and civic groups.  His shows are lively, fun and inspirational.

Check out  I built this website for him and it is getting some good results.

Jeff will add fun to your next event.

Jef with seniors lunch2

Here is Amazing Jeffo presenting magic for a senior’s luncheon. All ages love him.


Jeff recently presented his motivational program in Boston.

Please call for a fun magic show in MN. Jeff is a fun family and corporate entertainer