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Minnesota Magician in the Beautiful Land of India

College comedy from Minnesota Magician entertained crowds in India.  Magic with a message is very popular at schools in India.

Minnesota Comedian and Magician, Mr. Norm toured India in November 2017. This three week excursion  brought joy, laughter and an uplifting message to students from Elementary and High Schools to College audiences.  The people were warm and the food hot and delicious.

It was a motivational message encouraging students to study hard, do their best work at school and make good choices for success in life.  Many teachers came up after and expressed their appreciation of the program and every administrator said the program was wonderful and would be welcomed back again.

Students need encouragement to get through the difficult tests and challenging studies.  It is fun to learn and I encourage good learning habits and positive attitude.

Success comes when one applies what they know with a  good attitude and a goal of serving others.  We can make the world a better place through kindness, positive attitude and seeing the bright side of life.  Negative things like cheating, bullying  or gossiping not only hurt others but also hurt oneself.   The only person we can change is ourselves and developing a positive attitude will help us find solutions for problems and allow us to be an encouragement to others.

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Minnesota Magician brings volunteers on stage during 2017 tour of India.

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Minnesota Magician entertains and inspires students to do their best.  Here we are greeted by several students after the magic show. 

We did many shows outdoors in the warm air under beautiful trees near the schools.  Many schools had their own assembly ground area in a courtyard where I put on the show from the steps that acted as a stage.

The team included a driver,  along with Solomonraj, a host and long time friend from India who planned the programing and did translating when necessary.  Also a couple various local magicians joined us on several days.  A couple of college age magicians came to several shows and I mentored them a bit.  Another Magician from Chennai, India named Justin Raj is an old friend of mine and he even performed for 4-7 minutes in a number of the shows during one week.  Justin is a great guy and we worked out some new ideas to add to his act and he was very pleased.

I spoke on the topic of health and happiness through striving to do your best.  I also talked on how habits become your life and encouraged the students to make good choices as they will affect their entire life ahead.

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It was fun to hear the deafening laughter as the students showed their delight with the comedy and the unique magic.

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Some audiences were 100-400 children and many were over a thousand students.  One college had 1400 students.  Several high schools were audiences of 1300-1500.  It was so fun to bring the gift of laughter and magic to these enthusiastic crowds.

This was my second tour of India over the past 4 years and I met so many wonderful people and saw so many beautiful sights.

I look forward to returning to India in the near future to bring more laughter and inspiration.

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This College had a crowd of over 1400.  There were over 250 in the balcony in the back. The laughter and applause for the magic and comedy were over the top.  Great students and I got to spend time with many of them after the show.

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I bring an inspirational message to corporate audiences on teamwork and service. As well as have a motivational talk on Success through Health, Humor and Happiness.


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It is fun to bring smiles to people around the world.  Laughter is good medicine.

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Its fun to hear the laughter and I really enjoy doing college comedy.