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Thank You Cragun’s Resort

I just returned from entertaining and inspiring the staff at the Cragun’s Resort Annual Staff Development Day.  The motivational speech on Teamwork and Service seemed to grab the attention of the over 200 in attendance. It is a light way to encourage people to find the joy in service.

The Dining Room Supervisor wrote:

“Norm’s program was amazing and funny. The emphasis on teamwork was gun and encouraging.” – Sherry Hines


If I can be of service to your corporate event with a motivational message about teamwork please check

Discover more at the site on this Motivational speaker in Minnesota.

Gregory Wilson – One of my favorite Magicians!

Gregory Wilson is one of my favorite magicians. He is a hilarious entertainer and a master of sleight of hand. I first met him 12 years ago in Hawaii at a convention that my wife and I were both performing at. I was lecturing there too. Greg performed at this convention and brought the house down. He also shared many of his secrets at a special lecture for the magicians.   I love to study with experts like him. There is so much to learn from a top professional.

The next year I was in charge of bringing entertainment to a little magic convention in Minnesota. So I invited him to perform in the Twin Cities for our magic convention.  I also booked Greg into several other venues to make his trip worthwhile.  He amazed the magicians and wowed the regular folks at the other venues.

So often a performer only gets to see the hotel and restaurant at a convention. I invited Greg over to our house for a week and we took a canoe trip down the St Croix river and did other fun things so he could get a taste of MN.


Greg Wilson is a regular at the Magic Castle in Hollywood and the owner said this… “From the thousands of magicians who have performed on our stages, Gregory Wilson is clearly one of the best of the best!”  That is Milt Larsen.


Milt’s wife Irene Larsen said,  “You gave the single most entertaining show I’ve seen in the 40-year history of the Magic Castle!”

The magic Castle’s most famous magician is probably Billy McComb, and he said about Greg, “Your innovations are endless. Simply marvelous!”

Another famous Magician Mike Skinner said,  “It’s so refreshing to see someone so original.”

If you are planning a corporate event it would be wise to consider the fabulous comedy and magic of Greg Wilson.

Greg is located in sunny southern California.

Fund Raising Magic Show in Minneapolis

Last night I had a blast presenting my full evening show for a fund raiser in Fridley at Emmanuel Christian Center.  It was a clean comedy night. The sponsor of this event was a group that does outreach to jails. The audience was mostly adults with about 5 kids.  Many groups are looking for a comedy night that will leave them happy and full of joy. I enjoy hearing the laughter.


I enjoy helping groups with a Fund Raising Magic Show in Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota.


More on the fund raising with a magic check out…

Magic in Minnesota

It is good to be back in Minnesota after a convention in Kansas City all last week. I taught 7 classes on comedy writing and my magic inventions. ALso M.C. for two shows and was their featured act on one of the night shows. It is good to be back in MN.

Last night I got back from the Shooting Star Casino in Northern, MN where I did magic and comedy for a corporate event yesterday.  Very nice people.

Today was an assisted living center for the 5th time in 10 years. This a a very sweet group.  They invite a group of youngsters to come in fro the local day care and it is a very fun mix of kids and senior citizens.


Tomorrow is a High School Prom show and this will be my 18 year presenting for this group.  I always enjoy seeing the high school kids laughing and having fun with their friends.

Sunday I bring my magic and fun to a birthday party for a 6 year old and Monday two shows at a School. The first will be elementary and the second for the Jr High and High school.


I am thankful to have so many requests for the comedy magic show.  It is fun to bring laughs to all ages.