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All ages Enjoy Comedy Magic

Two weeks back I did four shows on one day.

The morning magic show was for the school aged child care at the Salvation Army in St. Paul. The director said the show was wonderful and the kids had a great time. It was evident by their faces throughout the show. I like that look of startled amazement that happens after one of the tricks catches the person by surprise.  Magic is amazing.

Later that same day I did three programs for elderly at the Ecumen Parmly Life Points senior care center. These folks were so fun. Many were dressed up in their Halloween hats. They enjoyed joining in and being a part of the show. They remember the classic TV variety shows such as Ed Sullivan, Sonny and Cher, the tonight Show with Johnny Carson. On those programs many variety performers such as myself brought laughs to audiences across America.  So they really enjoy seeing the the comedy and amazing magic tricks in person.

Most of these residents were in wheelchairs, and that is no problem as I brought the tricks right to them. I would pass out ropes to be examined before one stunt, or I would have them hold props and even one is decked out with a star covered cape and magic top hat and then becomes the magician for the vanishing bottle trick. It is very fun, and I love to see the smiling faces and hear the laughter as the tricks unfold. One trick they all enjoyed participating in was when I strolled through the crowd and pulled silver dollars from their ears and elbows.  I enjoyed seeing their gasps of amazement as I filled my bucket with coins.


All ages enjoy seeing a comedy magic show in St. Paul or Minneapolis.  I always have such a happy feeling as I leave a show.  So many people come up after to say it was great.  I just do my best and strive for excellence. For the younger children’s shows, I stand by the exit as the children leave the show and wave goodbye and give them a souvenir from the show. It is fun to see their smiling faces as they say, “Wow, how did you do that?” “my favorite trick was when you…” or “That was so cool.”

For the senior groups I love to walk through the audience and say goodbye to each person. Their faces light up and they offer such nice compliments.  I want them to know I appreciate them and that I was glad when they helped with the various tricks. I’ll ask, “How did you make that scarf disappear? Or, how did you make that newspaper trick work?”  I want everyone at the senior care facility to know that they are special and yet some how they pour their kindness and love back on me and I leave feeling great.

The director of activities at Parmly Care Center wrote a nice letter a week later.

“Thank you so much! I heard some rave reviews!!” – Shannon Y.

Tonight I do my third appearance over the past 6 years for the Senior Group at Saint Alphonsus Church in Brooklyn Center. I look forward to it as they are so much fun.


Last weekend I did a regular adult audience for a school fund raiser. 350-400 adults laughing at the comedy magic is my favorite sound.  I look forward to bringing comedy and fun to your special event in Minnesota. I bring Comedy entertainment to Holiday parties and company banquets.

My Friend The Amazing Jeffo!

The Amazing Jeffo is a fun family entertainer and magician from So. St. Paul. He has a great sense of humor and is a very clever magician.  He bills himself as “Not your Typical Blind Magician” and that is true. He is amazing.

He is also a motivational speaker on the topic of Keeping a Positive Attitude and also does disability awareness training for corporate and civic groups.  His shows are lively, fun and inspirational.

Check out  I built this website for him and it is getting some good results.

Jeff will add fun to your next event.

Jef with seniors lunch2

Here is Amazing Jeffo presenting magic for a senior’s luncheon. All ages love him.


Jeff recently presented his motivational program in Boston.

Please call for a fun magic show in MN. Jeff is a fun family and corporate entertainer

Dakota County Library brings Magic Show to Families

It was fun to bring the family Magic show to a huge crowd at Pleasant Hills Library in Hastings, MN.


The head librarian was very happy after the show and she wrote a nice note.

“Norm’s does a wonderful show the kids & parents both enjoyed it so much.”

Hastings lib

Minnesota Author Norm Barnhart with Librarian Gladys Kim at Pleasant Hills Library in Hastings, MN. They are holding 4 of Norm’s 8 books available in Libraries Nationwide.


Magic and Comedy adds Fun to Family Events

Calvary kids 2014 in show

Magic shows are fun.  I love to bring comedy magic to family events at festivals and banquets. Here is a photo from a recent show at Calvary Church in Roseville, MN.

Last week I once again presented the Abracadabra magic show at Ronald McDonald House for the families there.

Yesterday I enjoyed a visit to the families at Children’s Hospital in St. Paul. I have presented programs for this fine institution for over 15 years.  It is fun to see the kids smiling. Maybe the magic and fun adds some fun to their day and takes their minds off the difficulties for a while.

I always leave thinking, how fortunate I am that I have not had to spend a long period of time there with my child.  I do know that if I had to be in a hospital with a child – this would be a very fine place to be.  The staff are so kind and the quality of care is top knotch.

My school show page is at this site.

That is the place for comedy and magic in the Twin Cities and across Minnesota.

Teacher’s Banquet a Success

I had a blast bringing a magic show to the teacher’s banquet in Golden Vally recently.  This group was a really fun bunch. 

One Teacher sent some photos and this comment:

“It was a very special program for us. Thanks, again, for giving us a great event to remember.”

 Sincerely, Don Hoseth
Magic is fun for everyone.
Consider how magic can add life to your party or special occasion.  I bring magic to corporate banquets, sales meetings and awards banquets.
This magic show has appeared across the Twin Cities for special events. If you are looking for Magicians in Minneapolis please call.

Now Booking: Magician in Minneapolis Corporate Banquets

December and January are popular months for company banquets and Holiday Parties.  These get-togethers are a great way to build teamwork and positive attitude with your staff.

A Special Banquet to salute your staff is a great way spread good will. It is a positive experience for your team to kick back a bit and unwind with their co-workers and friends.  Comedy entertainment adds life to the party.  When your guests enjoy some laughs it that brings them together in a positive way.Image

Your guests will enjoy our Comedy Magic Show. It is filled with amazing surprises and clean comedy.  Many groups have given the show very good reviews. Please check our website

The calendar is moving along quickly and soon it will be time to reserve your time for the Corporate Banquet or staff party.

Please call and let me know how we can add Pizzazz to the Party.

“Norm performed at our company Christmas Party in Mankato, MN December 2012 and was fabulous! Many employees said this was the “best” Christmas Party our company has had! ~Thank You!, Norm”  – Dawn McGreggor – Office Manager

About Magic Norm

Magic Norm brings life to the party with quick wit, amazing tricks and audience involvement.

This Minneapolis Magician brings comedy entertainment to parties in St. Paul, Bloomington, Plymouth and across Minnesota.

Norm has brought magic and comedy to audiences at the Millennium Hotel, Plymouth Kelly Inn, Northland Inn, Medina Ballroom, Crowne Plaza – St. Paul and many others.

Your staff deserves a special event that will leave them laughing and glad they came.

Magician in Minneapolis Entertains at Fund Raiser

Everyone enjoys laughing and being amazed by magic.  I was very happy to be a part of a benefit fund raiser in Maplewood.  We did a comedy magic show for the families as well as presented strolling magic at this fund raiser at the Dive Bar in Maplewood. Many activities for the families were available including bounce houses, Sports mascots and a fire department demonstration.


Wes Walz was on hand to meet with many Minnesota Wild Hockey fans. Wes is one of the all time great hockey players in Minnesota.


jack ben (10)







The children collect snowflakes and make a Magic snowman! Kids of all ages have fun with magic.

She waved her fingers and the torn newspaper went back together instantly! It's Magic!

She waved her fingers and the torn newspaper went back together instantly! It’s Magic!











Magic and fun with the kids. The newspaper was torn to shreds and then put back together when the girl waved her magic fingers! The kids love to get involved with the magic show.


My wife enjoyed doing face painting for the kids.

jack ben (19)







Minneapolis Face Painters


Children love face painting and Mia does some very nice work. If you need fun face painting for special events call and I have several friends who do this for family parties.

The big event was held for the families at the Dive Bar in Maplewood.  Dive Bar is a very nice place with excellent food and friendly staff.

Magicians in Minnesota like to bring fun to special events, banquets and fund raisers. For more information on entertainment for benefits in Minnesota and the Twin Cities… Please check out

Are you looking for Magicians in the twin cities and Minnesota. You can find many very fun magic shows that will delight all ages.