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Magician for Roseville High School Lock in.

I had a blast last night presenting magic for the class of 2014 at the Roseville High School Lock in Party.  It was fun to see the student’s faces light up with wonder and amazement.


One parent came up to me and said that many students commented to her that the Magic was the best part of the night.  Well, I love to make people laugh and have fun and it is great to hear that clients are satisfied with the quality of my efforts.


After that appearance I ran up to the North and did a second High School Show at 3AM. That was my 15th year at this High School for their grad party.

Tonight has one at 4AM and then tomorrow there are two different High Schools having our show at 1:00AM and the other at 3:00AM.  It is tiring but, very fun work.  Then on Monday it is the same odd schedule again.  It is great to hear the laughter. One of these schools has had me present entertainment for 17 years in a row and the one this evening has had me 18 years in a row.

Magician in Minnesota for banquets and High School Grad Parties.

Black Tie Casino is Great for Corprate Parties

Black Tie Casino Blackjack

Minneapolis Black Tie Casino for Corporate Parties

A lot of fun is had by your guests when you invite a Casino to come to your party!

I have had the pleasure of entertaining at several corporate events with the fine people from the Black Tie Casino service.  Their people are classy and friendly. Their games are top quality and sharp looking. They bring the tables right to your event and your guests have a great time playing for prizes.

This is a great way to bring your people together for some laughs and fun social time.

Many corporate parties will have the Black Tie Casino start during social hour and then after dinner have my show then have more Casino time after the show.  It is a fun ice breaker. Check them out to see how they can fit your special event or banquet.

I have also entertained at High School Graduation lock in events and have seen the dedication and excellence of the Black Tie Casino service in these affairs. Very fun!

Learn more at:  – Ideal for Corporate Banquets, Parties and Graduation Lock ins.

They also can provide Xbox Kinect, Wii games, Game Shows, Wingo, Horse Racing and Karaoke. They cover the entire state of Minnesota and Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN bringing fun and playful entertainment to company banquets and special events.

Fund Raising Magic Show in Minneapolis

Last night I had a blast presenting my full evening show for a fund raiser in Fridley at Emmanuel Christian Center.  It was a clean comedy night. The sponsor of this event was a group that does outreach to jails. The audience was mostly adults with about 5 kids.  Many groups are looking for a comedy night that will leave them happy and full of joy. I enjoy hearing the laughter.


I enjoy helping groups with a Fund Raising Magic Show in Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota.


More on the fund raising with a magic check out…

International Brotherhood of Magicians Annual Banquet in Minneapolis

The International Brotherhood of Magicians had their annual banquet this past Sunday eventing at the Twin Cities Magic and Costume company. A huge turnout of over 75 people enjoyed a delicious Famous Dave’s catered dinner followed by awards and a terrific show.

First up was the installation of new officers, Kenny De3wit the outgoing president installed the new president. Next the organization named past president and convention coordinator, Paul Chimzar the Magician of the Year. Dave Walbridge was the M.C. and got things started off with a laugh as the audience settled in for an evening of comedy and magic.

The first act on the bill was Norman a Charlie Chaplin type character who discovers a box of magic on the stage and when he opens it amazing tricks start happening to him. He is astounded as a magic wand made a silk scarf appear. He replaces it for his tatter old one, then discovers that the scarf makes an egg appear, then the egg is cracked and a rubber chicken surprises him. Then a rapid ammount of items appear, balls jumbo coins and then a large silver ball is found and it begins to float magically. A hat is discovered in the case and then a water bottle is found in the hat, then more balls and sausages and he begins to eat them with comic results. Finally a ton of paper cascades from the hat and another rubber chicken surprises him.

Next was the comic musings of Dave Walbridge from the Big Fun Show. He amazed the audience with silks appearing and disappearing at his bare hands as well as other  comic effects.

The next act was from of the younger members of the club Nick. He did a dynamic comedy routine with cards and audience invovlement. He wrapped it up with some comedy fire eating that had the crowd in stitches.

Next on the bill was The Amazing Normondo the Great. a comic act by Norm Barnhart where he performs as a haughty Vegas performer who is having a train wreck of a show. Flower bouquets are shredded, a newspaper is torn and restored, (almost), a dollar bill disappeared to be lost forever, A cannon ball is vanished, a card sword routine goes wrong where the sword is accidentally stabbed through his shoe and the spectator’s card is seen pinned to the bottom of his foot by the sword. He finishes with a hilarious comic pickpocket act that ended with the spectator’s tie being swiped. Fresh roses are passed to the ladies in the audience as he exited to thunderous applause.  THis is the 11th time this act has been invited to appear at the Minneapolis Magicians Club Banquet.

The final act was the Amazing and comical George Tovar. George did his delightful Eleven Bill trick as well as a hilarious discovery of cards selected by 7 spectators. George was one of the performers in the now classic Triple Espresso Show as seen at the Music Box Theater in Minneapolis and at other major cities. He also is a regular performer at the Magic Castle and is there this week doing 3 shows a night. George is a charming and magical entertainer.

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Magician in Minnesota Entertains at Corporate Party

This past weekend a great crowd gathered for the Annual Home Depot Staff Banquet in Forest Lake, MN. They enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Vanelli’s by the Lake and before dinner had a strolling magician bring walk around entertainment. After dinner that same comic magician did his stand up comedy act.


The party planner wrote a nice note after the show.   “Norm was Amazing. He made our company holiday party a blast! We will have him again.”   –  Shantel T.  – Home Depot


If your company is planning a holiday party, awards banquet or other staff appreciation event, check out motivational speaker and comedy magician, Norm at This Magician in Minnesota has upcoming shows this January for company parties in Duluth, Minneapolis, Chippewa Falls, WI and River Falls, WI.

The comedy magician was invited to the company in River Falls after one of their owners saw him perform at a Sheriff’s Association banquet and  benefit for Toys for Tots. This was a wonderful fund raiser back in November, that had nearly 400 adults laughing to the comedy of this magician and also enjoying a keynote by the MN Lynx manager.


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Medina Entertainment Center is Excellent Party Place

The Medina Entertainment center is a wonderful place to host a party or banquet. Their rooms are tastefully decorated for the season and the staff is great and the food is very tasty.

I have entertained in every one of their banquet rooms many times over the years. The most recent was for 500 people at the Teamster’s Holiday Party held in the Medina Grand Ballroom. This was my 5th time working for this group over the years. I also appeared at the Halloween party with Chopper for the 3rd time this past October. This party had well over 500 people in attendance. The Medina can handle large groups as well as smaller ones.

Medina Entertainment Center

500 Minnesota 55, Medina, MN 55340

(763) 478-6661 ‎

The Medina Entertainment Center also has many medium sized rooms that accommodate various size groups. Many groups that have had my show will then send their guests off to go bowling after at the Medina Bowling alley just down the hall. This a great combination for your next party or banquet.

Some groups plan an evening around a special event. One group had my after dinner show in one of the rooms for their guests. Then after my comedy show, many of them went upstairs for a live music act that was performing in the ballroom. That time I think it was the Rockin’ Hollywoods. This is a very cost effective way to have your group enjoy live entertainment without the expense “renting” a band to come to your spot. You might be able to hire a band for $1,000-$3,000 or for $10 a ticket you could send your group of 35 people up to see a great show like the Rockin’ Hollywoods. This is a very economical idea for a smaller holiday party. This is one big benefit of the Medina Entertainment Center.

I have also entertained the Staff at the Medina 3 times and am glad they enjoy my comedy and bring me back again and again. They have recommended me to many of their groups and I am thankful that the see the quality of my work.

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Thank you

Thank you Children’s Hospital and Clinic of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Recently received a nice note in the mail about our program at their grand opening.

“Thank you for putting on a great magic show at the Children’s Specialty Center’s grand opening. You did a great job!”
– Natasha

I am happy to know that my efforts were well received. I do my best to bring a bit of pizzazz to special events.