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Thank you San Antonio Magicians Club

I had the pleasure of meeting many magicians in San Antonio, Texas this past week. I presented my workshop for them with many of my original magic inventions and routines.  The class got a very good response. 

Paul Amerson, a professional magician in Texas wrote: “I try to get one thing out of a lecture. Norm’s lecture was all back to back stuff I can immediately use in my show. Fantastic material and great, great tips on how to make improvements to my performance. What a fantastic lecture.”


The gentleman who is the liaison for the club and set up the lecture is Michael Tallon, a college professor in San Antonio. He wrote: “Thanks for the great lecture, Norm! It was very entertaining with lots of great tips for all magicians. I was very impressed and had a great time.”


I love to present my ideas for magicians and it is fun to see how they enjoy the tricks I have invented.