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Minnesota Author at Library in Wisconsin

Tomorrow, May 18th. is book signing and showtime in Wisconsin for Minnesota Author and comic magician, Magic Norm. I will present my comedy magic show for the families at the library.  this will be my 6th time here over the past 25 years.  I am grateful that they invite me back and am thrilled that they like the program.

This magic and comedy show motivate youngsters to get excited about reading.  Many topics are covered such how reading helps with hobbies, interests and jobs.  Kids and parents leave the show with a greater appreciation for how reading helps in everyday life and is just plain fun.

If we can get students excited about reading, they will do well and achieve in all the subjects they work on in school. The goal of the library show is to encourage students to read all summer and to visit the library as often as possible.

Earlier today, I spoke and presented my reading program at a school in Rochester, MN. I enjoy  presenting my motivational magic show and encouraging the students.  Today was my 7th or 8th time at this school over the past 25 years. I am glad that they appreciate the quality and enjoy the important message.

I was the original reading motivational magic show in Minnesota. I put together this program and developed the magic tricks to go with it over 30 years ago.  Since then it has gone through many changes as I add new material.  I now have three different motivational magic shows for kids.  Since then I have enjoyed bringing the show to students and teachers at schools and libraries in all fifty states.

I love to see the smiles and amazement that the comedy magic brings, but I also very much enjoy seeing students get excited about reading.

Thank You Eagle Creek School!

Today I received a very nice note from G. Light at Eagle Creek School.  She was the coordinator of my appearance last Friday at this excellent school. She wrote, “Thank you, Thank you. The Eagle Creek students were so overwhelmed with delight with your show. Thank you.”  Well I thank you for inviting me to share my love of reading.

I love to do my best to bring my comedy and magic to special events and this group of students were celebrating a very special event. They had read for over 250,000 minutes during I Love to Read Month. They brought in a huge Olympic torch to start the presentation and they all had silver, bronze or gold bead necklaces to honor their reading efforts.

I autographed my books to the school and also donated 2 of  my DVD’s to their media center.  The magic of reading presentation that I do is a very fun filled magic show that encourages young readers.  I tie reading into every trick and talk about how reading helps in your hobbies, interests and jobs.  I talk about reading about history, science and sports. My passion is to get youngsters excited about reading, as I know it will help with every aspect of their lives.I enjoy getting kids excited about reading and at the Eagle Creek School I had the opportunity to salute the good reading of their 800 students! Congratulations!!!

For over 28 years I have motivated young readers at library and school programs. The Metropolitan Library System, (MELSA) has invited me to present programs for over 26 years.  You need to audition to get on the list of performers and you have to be consistent to be invited back over and over.