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Magicians in Minneapolis

Sunday Night Magic ge

Norm with   Noah Sonie, Suzanne the Magician  and Magic Brad 


In March I had the great pleasure of performing with several of the top magicians in Minneapolis.  We had as much fun as the crowd did.
Noah’s Magic is cool and amazing as his smooth style gracefully presented some powerful tricks.   Magic Brad brought his classic vanishing bottle trick along with some other great comedy tricks.  Suzanne did a new trick that had the audience wondering in amazement. I was honored to close the show with a nice results.  The audience laughed at the comedy tricks.

There was a nice turn out at this program that was a Theater in the Round in Down Town Minneapolis.  A very nice venue with every seat being a good one!

It is fun to bring comedy and entertainment to parties and events in the Twin Cities.

hyp k102 056

Norm and The Wake up Crew at K102 Amy James, 

It is fun to bring Entertainment in MN to Banquets and parties. Learn more about corporate Party Magician in Minneapolis at this website:

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Magician in Minneapolis



Magic Show at Forest Lake, MN – Park and Rec Event.

It was a beautiful summer evening by the lake and a fun time for the families at the Arts in the Park event.

Forest Lake Park and Rec 2 2015

Minnesota Magician does comedy for the families at Forest Lake Park and Rec.

“Great job last night!  We look forward to having you back next year. Thank you!”

Jamie Muscha
Park & Recreation Coordinator

City of Forest Lake

This magic show had the kids laughing and making ooohs and ahhs.

This was my 5th time bringing the comedy magic entertainment to The Park in Forest Lake, MN.

There were several events this evening.

Before the magic show a lady from the park and rec led the kids in some silly songs and then a Zumba instructor got the kids up for a workshop of exercises.

This time the band after was very fun with three guys doing blues and blue grass!

Forest Lake park and rec 3

Magic show for Park and Recreation in Forest Lake, MN

Forest Lake Park crop 2015

Comedy Magician for Family audiences in MN

When you are looking for family fun for a company picnic, school or church event, consider the Magician from Minneapolis – Mr. Norm. 

Comedy Magic shows are fun for all ages.This past year the show went to two colleges, 5 fairs, 15 High Schools, and many elementary schools and family audiences. It is magical fun for everyone.

Thank you again Sibley High School

I enjoyed returning to Sibley High School in Mendota Hts, MN again for their fund raising day. They have a whole day set aside for students to raise funds by going to fun events.  700 students came to my program yesterday morning and it was fun to do the show at the nice theater with excellent lights and sound. Many kids came up and raved about how much they enjoyed it.

“Thank you so much for coming and putting on such a great show! The kids were talking about it all day! We appreciate it!!”

Athena Gause – Henry Sibley High School Student Council Advisor

Last time I was here for the special day of activities the students raised over $18,000 for the charities they were supporting.  I hope this year will be a good. It seemed to be on track to do as well or better.

I love to make people of all ages laugh. How can I bring comedy entertainment to your next event.  

This is the place to find out more about comedy entertainment for your events and company parties.

Dakota County Library brings Magic Show to Families

It was fun to bring the family Magic show to a huge crowd at Pleasant Hills Library in Hastings, MN.


The head librarian was very happy after the show and she wrote a nice note.

“Norm’s does a wonderful show the kids & parents both enjoyed it so much.”

Hastings lib

Minnesota Author Norm Barnhart with Librarian Gladys Kim at Pleasant Hills Library in Hastings, MN. They are holding 4 of Norm’s 8 books available in Libraries Nationwide.


Magic and Comedy adds Fun to Family Events

Calvary kids 2014 in show

Magic shows are fun.  I love to bring comedy magic to family events at festivals and banquets. Here is a photo from a recent show at Calvary Church in Roseville, MN.

Last week I once again presented the Abracadabra magic show at Ronald McDonald House for the families there.

Yesterday I enjoyed a visit to the families at Children’s Hospital in St. Paul. I have presented programs for this fine institution for over 15 years.  It is fun to see the kids smiling. Maybe the magic and fun adds some fun to their day and takes their minds off the difficulties for a while.

I always leave thinking, how fortunate I am that I have not had to spend a long period of time there with my child.  I do know that if I had to be in a hospital with a child – this would be a very fine place to be.  The staff are so kind and the quality of care is top knotch.

My school show page is at this site.

That is the place for comedy and magic in the Twin Cities and across Minnesota.

Teacher’s Banquet a Success

I had a blast bringing a magic show to the teacher’s banquet in Golden Vally recently.  This group was a really fun bunch. 

One Teacher sent some photos and this comment:

“It was a very special program for us. Thanks, again, for giving us a great event to remember.”

 Sincerely, Don Hoseth
Magic is fun for everyone.
Consider how magic can add life to your party or special occasion.  I bring magic to corporate banquets, sales meetings and awards banquets.
This magic show has appeared across the Twin Cities for special events. If you are looking for Magicians in Minneapolis please call.

Where to get Spooky Thrills this October

Nightmare HalloScream Park 1Where to get Spooky Thrills this October

October is a Haunting time and you can get your spooky thrills at many excellent Halloween attractions around the Twin Cities. Most are open selected dates throughout October and into November. Visit one, visit them all. Many parks offer V.I.P. and fast track passes. Check their websites for features, dates, times, and watch out for a plethora of ghouls.

The Nightmare Hollow Scream Park at Running Aces

The Nightmare Hollow Scream Park at Running Aces is now in its 22nd year of bringing a frightfully good time to visitors.  It was the first park of its kind in the Metro and is run by Jean Sockness, a woman who loves Halloween so much she even drives a 1960’s hearse. Jean loved the experience of Halloween since she was little. “I was out til after ten and my parents were freaking out.”

Jean says, “Halloween is not supposed to be just gross-out type scary, it should be fun and tailored to families so everyone can enjoy it.” She has trained her people to approach kids right. Yet, teens find the Hallow Scream Park terrifyingly spooky.

There is a huge haunted house that takes about 20-25 minutes to enjoy the oddities and crazy sensations. The Hay ride is another feature that takes brave riders through 22 spooky and creepy scenes. The uncanny scenes are set under tall trees, and the riders experience crazy sets that include fog, animatronics, music, special effects, and live monster and ghouls.  The hayride has lots of detail and many people say it is the best haunted hayride in the country.

An artist brainstormed along with the developer to come up with the various wild and crazy ideas. Then the artist worked to bring realism and a surreal feel with the use of unusual lighting and effects. One example is the Hillbilly Hut complete with rundown shack, an old stove, still, and even raccoons hanging on the front porch. Across the road is an outhouse and you do not want the hayride to stop between those buildings. Two live actors work it and give the riders a good scare for their money.

A Graveyard scene has a real Trout Lake Cemetery sign that they obtained from the old yard.  There are animatronics and more than 40 real tombstones many of them are marble tombstones. Jean let us in on the secret that the stones came from a tombstone maker and  these were rejects because they had the wrong dates chiseled into them.  This is a fantastic scene with lots of actors creeping around and crypts opening to have ghouls step out.

The most amazing new attraction this year is the Zombie Hunt paint ball ride.  You get on a trailer and have 100 glow in the dark paintballs to fire at LIVE Zombie actors and other props and targets in the forest.  No one else in MN has glow in the dark pellets. You have a blast during this 25 minute hayride.   You can get a combo ticket that includes this special added attraction. You can even purchase extra paintballs if you have an itchy trigger finger.

Beware as you never know when the Cornstalker or other live haunted actors will creep up on you.  Other features include D.J. every Friday and Sunday night, the White Hot Fire Experts will be there every Friday and Saturday doing amazing fire shows and fire juggling throughout the night. A fun attraction is the Creepy Feature Show with millipedes, rats, live raven and a fox. Watch for KDWB host Dave Ryan giving away Pink tickets one weekend. at Running Aces