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A Magician Doesn’t Tell the Secret

Keep it a Secret! Well, that is a true saying for most magicians, but we do share magic tricks and ideas with each other.  I am privileged to be a part of several magic groups that encourage each other to be creative in the approach to magic.  I have several comedy magic friends who I can bounce ideas off of and they will help me sharpen and edit the comedy magic material.

One of my groups of peers is a international group that includes professional magicians from as far away as Bosnia, Columbia, Puerto Rico and England. Others in this group hail from NYC and s, Boston, Hollywood and Atlanta. They are the top in their fields and it is fun to run ideas by this group and make everyone’s magic better with this network.

Another group I enjoy hanging out with, is a bunch of Minnesota Magicians who gather to share stories, try tricks out and encourage each other to strive for excellence.

If you need a Minnesota Comedy Magician call me – If I can be of help I will recommend someone who will fit the needs of your group.