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Fran Cosmo and Band are a Blast!

Awesome singer and guitarist Fran Cosmo. Fran Toured and performed with the Rock band Boston

I had a very fun evening acting as the M.C. last week at the Annual convention for the Wisconsin Fairs and Festivals in the Wisconsin Dells. I had the pleasure of introducing many great acts including Fran Cosmo – formerly with the very popular Band – Boston. These guys had it down tight. They captured the sound of this highly complicated music. Fran Cosmo and his band were great musicians and they enjoyed interacting with the audience.  I was thrilled to be just a few feet away from the side of the stage. It was also fun to hang out with some of the guys after the show. For fairs in the Wisconsin area they are handled by Miles Entertainment of Milwaukee.

I always loved the music of Tom Scholz and his original band – Boston. Back in college the first album came out and I wore out a copy of that first album.  It was amazing how Tom created so many awesome guitar riffs and organ combinations in his home studio.  My college friends and I always admired this creative mechanical engineer who could craft such excellent and uplifting music.  The music of Tom Schols is very innovative, complex and multilayered. He is like a modern Mozart. Many nights I’ve listened to my Boston CD’s in the van while driving between midnight and 3:00AM shows for High School lock ins.  It is a great mix of great rhythms, excellent lyrics and complicated guitar and keyboard work that really helps to pump me up on those long nights with middle of the night shows.  Tom and his band Boston are in the studio now and many of us are looking forward to the new music they are creating.

Hearing Fran and his group cover some of those great songs was a real joy. Catch them if you can when they appear near you.  Fran and his band performed before 30,000 fans at the Taste of Minnesota Event in 2009.

I had the opportunity to introduce other great acts that evening including an awesome acapela group called InPulse!  These four guys sound like a full band and play with no back up musicians. They cover music styles form classic rock, country, pop and R & B. These guys are booked exclusively by G. L. Berg Entertainment from St. Cloud, MN. Check the G.L.Berg website for more details on this excellent group.  I enjoyed talking with the guys before the show. One is from Australia and the another is from MN but born in Korea.  They were very cool guys who were dynamic on stage.

It was fun to introduce these great musicians and the challenge with doing M.C. for a long show with 7 acts. I needed to have many short bits and comedy routines to fill the time as the groups are plugging in.  I enjoy the improvisation and being flexible, adapting to the changing situations of a show like this.  I also was able to perform an eighteen minute set to help my agent get some bookings. Check out Brian Carlson Entertainment Or look at for more on my comedy for corporate banquets.