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Comedy and Magic Convention at Daytona Beach

Florida Stage Convention Features Harry Anderson



Harry Anderson as Judge in NBC-TV's Night Court

Harry Anderson, the beloved judge on the Comedy TV show Night Court, presented a lecture and show at the Florida State Magic Convention this fall.  I was M.C. on the Friday night show and presented my comedy act for the magicians. On that same stage right after the show, Harry presented a unique lecture along with magical historian and card expert Jon Racherbaumer.

This lecture was a huge treat as it gave us an opportunity to see two experts discuss the history of our art and focused on the life and magic of Ted Anneman.  Harry Anderson and Jon Racherbaumer presented several amazing magic effects that were in the Anneman tradition as they discussed his methods and philosophy.   There are many approaches to the art of magic and Anneman was a lone wolf who created some diabolically mysterious and clever methods for tricks.

It’s fascinating to study and learn about the art of magic and consider the hidden methods of some of magic’s greats from the past.

This was also a very unique opportunity to hear many very funny stories told by Harry Anderson about his life in Magic.  Many years ago I enjoyed Harry Anderson’s hip and cool comedy magic when he appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Saturday Night Live and other TV appearances. He made it big as a magician and was hilarious and clever in his approach to Houdini’s strait jacket escape.

Next thing you know he was a TV star with his role as the Judge on NBC’s Night Court.  He later had another hit TV show, Dave’s World .  Most recently he owned a very successful restaurant/theater in New Orleans. This was sadly destroyed during the hurricane and never rebuilt. He and his team rode out the storm in that theater. He watched his dream fall apart and I hope someday he will be able to move forward and put together another cool spot like that.

Harry Anderson’s witty insights and amazing stories from his life in show business were a great bonus to this evening.  Show Biz, like life, has many ups and downs and it was a joy to hang out with this modern legend.