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Magic Show at Forest Lake, MN – Park and Rec Event.

It was a beautiful summer evening by the lake and a fun time for the families at the Arts in the Park event.

Forest Lake Park and Rec 2 2015

Minnesota Magician does comedy for the families at Forest Lake Park and Rec.

“Great job last night!  We look forward to having you back next year. Thank you!”

Jamie Muscha
Park & Recreation Coordinator

City of Forest Lake

This magic show had the kids laughing and making ooohs and ahhs.

This was my 5th time bringing the comedy magic entertainment to The Park in Forest Lake, MN.

There were several events this evening.

Before the magic show a lady from the park and rec led the kids in some silly songs and then a Zumba instructor got the kids up for a workshop of exercises.

This time the band after was very fun with three guys doing blues and blue grass!

Forest Lake park and rec 3

Magic show for Park and Recreation in Forest Lake, MN

Forest Lake Park crop 2015

Comedy Magician for Family audiences in MN

When you are looking for family fun for a company picnic, school or church event, consider the Magician from Minneapolis – Mr. Norm. 

Comedy Magic shows are fun for all ages.This past year the show went to two colleges, 5 fairs, 15 High Schools, and many elementary schools and family audiences. It is magical fun for everyone.

Minnesota State University Students enjoy the Magic

My comedy magic show was featured last night at MSU –  The Mankato University  had my magic on campus at the Student Center for over 300 students. College students enjoy magic and being a part of the comedy. They enjoy watching their friends do amazing stunts like

Comedy Magic at Minnesota State University

make a large silver ball float or do surprising magic with invisible objects. It’s crazy clean comedy magic.

The MSU campus organization was having a welcome back party and the magic and comedy had them going.  The show received very positive reviews. Awesome, amazing and great show were the most common comments. The organizer, Fahad, said that they will invite me to another student function soon. Thank you, Fahad and your team for inviting me, and I look forward to visiting again.

More on comedy magic in Minnesota Norm at

Mendakota Country Club presents Winter Carnival

St Paul Winter Carnival Royalty with Magician

Norm with Art Blakley, Jr. and Queen of the Snow

This past weekend the Mendakota Country Club hosted its own special Winter Carnival. Many members and guests came to enjoy a weekend of fun with snow boarding, hockey a winter golf course and medallion hunt. Sunday was the finale with a breat brunch and an appearance by the St Paul Winter Carnival Royalty. Out front the Vulcans and their fire truck kept the grounds buzzing with rides and activities. Inside the Royalty gave out several citations to the Mendakota chef and staff including manager Perry Johnson.

Following the honors I presented my comedy magic show for the families.  There were lots of smiles and laughs. We had a great time.  I have had the opportunity to present the comedy magic show at Mendakota several times over the years for corporate banquets and special parties.  I am honored that they call be back again and again.

After that show I had to race to Woodbury and then Hopkins for two other shows that day.  The schedule was not too tight and I had plenty of time to get to each program. I am thankful to be so busy entertaining families with my comedy and magic show.

When you need a Minnesota Magician, please give a call and I’ll do my best to bring you a fun and fascinating show.  Please check