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Mr. Norm’s Magic at the Stevens County Fair

Stevens Co Fiar Snowman 3

The Cool Comedy Snowman Trick always gets a laugh. This is one of the original tricks I do that grabs the audience’s attention and gets them all participating.

Mr. Norm the Comedy Family Magician brings his crazy comedy to the Stevens County Fair in Morris for 3 shows this past Sunday.  Its magic and fun for everyone as snowflakes magically appear from behind children’s ears and then everyone starts to toss magic snow flakes up onto the stage and suddenly there is a snowman surprise!

Mr. Norm has brought his comedy magic show to hundreds of fairs over the years and gets wonderful response from the family audiences.

You can discover more about the comedy Magician in Minnesota at

Audiences of all ages enjoy the unique and fun magic show.


Minnesota Magician entertains at Airport

My beautiful picture

It is fun to bring comedy magic to special events in Minnesota. This photo is from the Pilots Party I have done for 6 -8 years at the MPS airport. The event planner gave this comment:  “I highly recommend Norm. He was great. We’d love to have him back again.” – Mike R. Delta Pilot 

The pilots run this fun event as a charity for kids who would otherwise not have a special party. They also have games, music and some great food – and of course the Vikings Mascot – who helped me do a few tricks during the stage show!  Very fun!

Please check the website and see if we can add comedy entertainment to your summer picnic or other company party.

A recent review from a library commented on the fun magic show for families…

“Norm did a just superb show at our library this week. His magic is classic, his jokes–right-on, he had the kids howling, and he definitely put all the adults in a good mood. Also, Norm is a really good guy, and that certainly comes through in all of his performances that I have seen!!!” CZ – Librarian


My beautiful picture

This Jolly Bear is so fun.  And a lucky bear too – He gets to enjoy all the Twins Baseball games!  We did a magic trick for the kids and it was very fun.

Have fun planning your next special banquet or event. And call if I can bring some comical fun to the occasion.  – Thanks.



Minnesota Magician Performs in Hawaii

It is fun to see how magic brightens peoples days. Magicians enjoy watching magic too and that is why the two Magic clubs in Hawaii invited me to perform and teach in January. It was great to see many of the people again.  Some I had not seen since my last lecture here about 9 years ago.

magicians like watching unique and amazing tricks and it seemed like they enjoyed what I brought to this workshop.  I performed and then shared how many of the tricks were done so they could add them to their own magic shows.

I have invented many tricks and have books out that are just for magicians to help them add comedy and unique magic to their programs.

The Hawaii International Brotherhood of Magicians and Society of American Magician organizations invited the Minnesota Magician to perform and teach.

Magic add so much to a party or special event.  It is a perfect ice breaker for a company event. Please check out my mun comedy entertainment at:

Thank you Brooklyn Center, MN Women’s Club

I had so much fun with the wonderful women at their recent annual banquet in Minneapolis. Magic and comedy sure add a lot to events like this and their president wrote this note.

“Norm, you did and AWESOME job at our meeting. The ladies were very entertained and it was one of the best entertainments we’ve had.  Thanks for making our day.” –  Gloria S. – President – Brooklyn Center Women’s Club.



You will enjoy lots of laughs and amazing magic with Minnesota Magician, MagicNorm- please check out the website and let us help make your next event extra special.


Magic Shows in Minnesota bring joy to audiences of all ages.  We present clean comedy for corporate events and holiday parties. If you need to add entertainment to your event with a magician in Brooklyn Center or Minneapolis, please call.





Thank You Cub Scouts in Minnesota & Wisconsin

It has been my pleasure to bring comedy magic to the Cub Scouts of Wisconsin and Minnesota for many years now.  Just a  week ago I had a blast with some Sco9uts and their families in Baldwin, WI

The Cub Master wrote this nice note after seeing the comedy and magic show in Wisconsin:

   “Magic Norm was great. He kept our Scouts entertained the whole time. They loved it and laughed a lot.” – Brent K.  Pack 110 Cub Master.


If your group needs clean comedy – please call our St. Paul Office for magic and fun shows.

It is fun to be a Minnesota Entertainer.  What is fun about a Scout audiences is all ages are having a blast. The dads, moms and even the teens have fun together as they watch the Cub Scouts participate in the amazing magic tricks.


This show is not an ordinary magic show with store bought props that any amateur can purchase and learn in minutes.  This show is filled with sleight of hand and complicated magic that really makes people wonder!  Plus it is filled with more comedy that you can shake a stick at.


The comedy adds to the magic in such a delightful way.

Chaska Library 2014 low rez

I look forward to being of service for your corporate or family event. this past weekend I entertained at Medina Ballroom and in Eau Clair Wisconsin for an adult corporate party with 170 in attendance.  The laughter and fun brings a unique twist to any gathering.  I also enjoyed bringing the magic to toro Corp for the 5th time for their holiday party.



Clean Comedy Magic Entertainemnt in Richfield MN

I love to share the gift of laughter and last night was such a fun group to entertain at the Lake Shore Drive Condos in Richfield, MN. Jeff M. Invited me and his 60 guests were so much fun to entertain with Comedy and Magic

The Entertainment director for this lovely place is Nancy Brofford and she was kind enough to write…

“Fantastic show – Norm gets people in the audience involved. Our folks really enjoyed it.”



I just do my best – I learned that in Cub Scouts!

We are now booking banquets and holiday parties for 2015. If your group needs fun entertainment that is clean, classy and filed with humor, please check out…


It is fun to be an entertainer in MN. I enjoy making special events extra special.  I present magic and comedy to audiences in the Twin Cities and across Minnesota.

Gramercy Park Enjoys the Magic in Rochester, MN

It was fun to bring the comedy magic to Rochester for the clients and owners of the Gramercy Park.

The Director sent a nice letter…

“Thanks Norm for the fantastic performance! The group was captivated by your magic and enjoyed interacting with you throughout the show. It was perfectly paced and infused with enjoyable humor.

this isn’t always the easiest group to impress – but you did it!  Thanks so much for the fun!”

Heather D – Administrator

Gramercy Park

Rochester, MN

I bring magic and fun to all ages. Check out my website Magic Norm dot com

Call our St. Paul office and we can find out if this would be a good match for entertainment for your group in Minnesota.