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Comedy Magician in Minneapolis

It is fun to bring Comedy Magic to special events and parties in Minneapolis.

KS95  Does a lot of good for the community with their KS95 for Kids program  The KS95-FM’s afternoon drive time show features the wit and wisdom of Moon & Stacy.  I was able to help with a few events and at one Moon said the following about the comedy magic.
“That was Awesome!” – Moon of Moon and Stacy KS95


It was fun to bring entertainment to the KS95 for Kids gala fund raiser.

Comedy Magicians in Minneapolis bring laughs and joy to events.  Coming up next week I will appear at Toro’s Christmas party for their employees for the 5th time.  Magic fits in to so many situations to mix it up and break the ice.


Here I am making some magic at MOA for the big drive.  It was fun to meet the wonderful people from KS95.

It is fun to see the sense of wonder that a magical effect has on the guests at the party.

I really enjoy being a Comic & Magician in Minnesota. Learn morea at –

Give to this great Charity at


Keys to Corporate Success

2009 pics book 008

Comedy magician and Minnesota Author Autographs books in St Paul’s Red Balloon Bookstore

Working as an author with Capstone Press taught me a lot about what is right in business and the corporate setting. My awesome editor Aaron made me look great. As did the photo artist and graphic designers.

There is a real top notch team at Capstone Press! They all strove for excellence and in the end, the four hard cover books, really look great.

I had the opportunity to observe their process from start to finish and was amazed at their efficiency and skill. Teamwork like this is an example of excellence to all businesses.

I observed several keys to corporate success.

The first Key is:  Clear communication.  The editor and I had many helpful discussions that made my writing go easier as it was clear what they were hoping for in a finished product.  This made everything smooth all work out for the good in the end.  They work with hundreds of authors and were very patient and kind to me. This encouraged my creative output.

Around 55 tricks were selected from the ones I developed for the books. Each one had to be written in a clear and readable style. Inventing some tricks was fun. Others were adaptations of old tricks doen with new props or storyline. Writing out the method for the magic tricks can be a challenge; we plotted out the photos and made sure it would be understandable so the readers could actually make the tricks work on their own.  Aaron, the Editor simply encouraged me to do my best. Thanks to him, I came out looking great.  I also saw clear communication between the departments and this kept the project moving along at a brisk pace. Communication should be clear and concise so no one’s time is wasted. Aaron was a gem. His kind suggestions and clear guidelines made the text and flow of each book come out in a superior way.

Each person that was involved in my books were also working on various stages of several other books at the same time and they went from one project to the next with excitement for their work and with cool confidence. Clear communication was a major key to this team’s success. They knew how to do their job and they did it well, and worked well with each other. This brings us to key #2.

Key #2 – Hire people who are experts and let them be free.  At Capstone press I saw extremely creative people working with excellence and style. The results of their work was artistic, and in many cases very stunning. I paged through many of their other books and the body of work was absolutely excellent.

The photo artist who took the pictures for the book was equally skilled and had a keen eye for the composition of the photos. She set me at ease and it was a relaxing and fun photo shoot. Setting the subject at ease goes a long way to the overall quality at the end of it all. There were hundreds of photos taken in one day and you can see in the books the playful way it all came together to teach the subject in a fun and clear way.

The key is to hire experts and let them do their thing… excellence will result.  A great team needs one more thing in their people. This characteristic is: to be just plain nice people.

Key #3 The key is to simply be kind and nice. This is simple yet can be difficult. These seem like obvious skills that we learn in kindergarten and from our parents, but without these attributes no business will last long. To keep a positive working environment is vital. If there is bickering or put downs in the office, creative people shut down and the negative effects can come across to the clients or customers.  A positive attitude and cheerful disposition can be cultivated in ourselves and spread to others. These are valuable traits that bring joy to the days work and contribute greatly to success.

Key #4  Set reasonable goals and achieve them.  This team knew what they were capable of and they set goals that were challenging yet, doable. They worked out the approximate time needed to achieve each goal.  In my case, there were four deadlines one for each book.  The deadlines were tight but within reason. When I got approval in each magic trick I would go forward and write the final draft.  Of course there were many changes and adaptations and it was fun to see the books evolve throughout the creative process.


These books are found across America and around the World. This is the original set I wrote a few years back.. I now have ten total titles with this wonderful publisher.  The first set sold over 100,000 copies making.


Magic shows bring live to company parties, team building meetings and family events. is the spot for more information on making your next event a stand out success.





Three Magic Books Presented to Magic Castle Library

In January I had the privilege to present three of my hard cover  comedy and magic books to the Magic Castle Library. The World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood has a huge Library with almost every magic book in print. The curator Bill Goodwin expressed an interest in adding my books to the library.  I was honored. This is one of  the premier collections of magic books in the world.IMG_0226

I spent several hours with my friends, pouring over just a few of the thousands of books on the art of magic. It was interesting to look at a book by Edwin of Supreme Magic alongside magician John Kimmons. John worked at Supreme Magic for years and actually took some of the photos in that book. John  is also a delightful ventriloquist who is very popular in England and across Europe and the U.S. John and I were both lecturers at a small magician’s Convention in Hollywood in January.  He is very funny and has a great mind for making the magic and comedy work.

More on my lectures and workshops for magicians at NormBarnhart.combookbanner web

Mr. Norm’s Magic at the Stevens County Fair

Stevens Co Fiar Snowman 3

The Cool Comedy Snowman Trick always gets a laugh. This is one of the original tricks I do that grabs the audience’s attention and gets them all participating.

Mr. Norm the Comedy Family Magician brings his crazy comedy to the Stevens County Fair in Morris for 3 shows this past Sunday.  Its magic and fun for everyone as snowflakes magically appear from behind children’s ears and then everyone starts to toss magic snow flakes up onto the stage and suddenly there is a snowman surprise!

Mr. Norm has brought his comedy magic show to hundreds of fairs over the years and gets wonderful response from the family audiences.

You can discover more about the comedy Magician in Minnesota at

Audiences of all ages enjoy the unique and fun magic show.

Minnesota Magician entertains at Airport

My beautiful picture

It is fun to bring comedy magic to special events in Minnesota. This photo is from the Pilots Party I have done for 6 -8 years at the MPS airport. The event planner gave this comment:  “I highly recommend Norm. He was great. We’d love to have him back again.” – Mike R. Delta Pilot 

The pilots run this fun event as a charity for kids who would otherwise not have a special party. They also have games, music and some great food – and of course the Vikings Mascot – who helped me do a few tricks during the stage show!  Very fun!

Please check the website and see if we can add comedy entertainment to your summer picnic or other company party.

A recent review from a library commented on the fun magic show for families…

“Norm did a just superb show at our library this week. His magic is classic, his jokes–right-on, he had the kids howling, and he definitely put all the adults in a good mood. Also, Norm is a really good guy, and that certainly comes through in all of his performances that I have seen!!!” CZ – Librarian


My beautiful picture

This Jolly Bear is so fun.  And a lucky bear too – He gets to enjoy all the Twins Baseball games!  We did a magic trick for the kids and it was very fun.

Have fun planning your next special banquet or event. And call if I can bring some comical fun to the occasion.  – Thanks.



Minnesota Magician Performs in Hawaii

It is fun to see how magic brightens peoples days. Magicians enjoy watching magic too and that is why the two Magic clubs in Hawaii invited me to perform and teach in January. It was great to see many of the people again.  Some I had not seen since my last lecture here about 9 years ago.

magicians like watching unique and amazing tricks and it seemed like they enjoyed what I brought to this workshop.  I performed and then shared how many of the tricks were done so they could add them to their own magic shows.

I have invented many tricks and have books out that are just for magicians to help them add comedy and unique magic to their programs.

The Hawaii International Brotherhood of Magicians and Society of American Magician organizations invited the Minnesota Magician to perform and teach.

Magic add so much to a party or special event.  It is a perfect ice breaker for a company event. Please check out my mun comedy entertainment at:

Thank you Brooklyn Center, MN Women’s Club

I had so much fun with the wonderful women at their recent annual banquet in Minneapolis. Magic and comedy sure add a lot to events like this and their president wrote this note.

“Norm, you did and AWESOME job at our meeting. The ladies were very entertained and it was one of the best entertainments we’ve had.  Thanks for making our day.” –  Gloria S. – President – Brooklyn Center Women’s Club.



You will enjoy lots of laughs and amazing magic with Minnesota Magician, MagicNorm- please check out the website and let us help make your next event extra special.


Magic Shows in Minnesota bring joy to audiences of all ages.  We present clean comedy for corporate events and holiday parties. If you need to add entertainment to your event with a magician in Brooklyn Center or Minneapolis, please call.