Nancy Carlson Author with Wonderful Imagination

Best-selling Children’s book author Nancy Carlson decided to become an artist in Kindergarten.  She has drawn ever since. She has illustrated many wonderful books along with writing many.  Nancy is a Minnesota author who has written  44 books that are found in libraries and bookstores around the world.

Nancy Carlson’s books encourage and instruct. Each of her books has a message or theme that helps kids look at the world around them in a new way.  She has books on differences between people and feeling good about yourself just the way you are.  She has written several books that help kids cope with difficult situations.

The way to get really good at something is to do it over and over and Nancy said that she sat on her bed and drew and drew ever since she was five years old.  Her art is inspired by the comic books that she loved.

Her books have received much critical acclaim and has been selected as Reading Rainbow choices . She also was bestowed with the Children’s Choice Award from the International Reading Association and Children’s Book Council.  She was recognized by the Minnesota Children’s Museum with the honor of “Great Friends to Kids Award.”

Nancy recommends many books, and a couple of her favorites are The Color Purple by Alice Walker, Call of the Wild, By Jack London, Betsy Tacy and Tib by Maud Hart Lovelace.

This Minnesota author lives in Bloomington with her Husband and she has three children who are creative and wonderful people.

I enjoyed meeting Nancy Carlson at a Barnes & Nobel Book signing event.  We were both there promoting our books on a lovely Saturday.  I did my motivational reading program and she read from her most recent book.  The crowd loved the event and I had so much fun with this wonderful woman.  She even said how much she enjoyed my comedy magic and wrote a nice comment about the magic .


“Norm’close up with Nancy Carlsons show is Awesome.”  author.   – –  Nancy Carlson –



Besbestt selling Children’s book  authors at a Barnes & Noble book signing.


Nancy Carlson is a Minnesota Author with books in libraries across the world.


She enjoyed my show at Barnes & Noble and wrote this kind comment…

“Norm’s show is Awesome!”   


I do my best to bring a joy of reading to every show that I do.  I enjoy bringing smiles, laughter and a love of reading to school assemblies and PTA family events

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