FrightMares at Buck Hill is Scary Fun for all!

FrightMares at Buck Hill
If you like spooks, FrightMares at Buck Hill in Burnsville, is another ghoul filled haunt you will give you’re a case of the creeps. You will want to explore the various levels and buildings filled with uncountable chills.

A new attraction for 2013 is The Bellharm Asylum. If you are desiring an eerie adventure this is a good place to start. You will discover the story of this asylum that sadly, years ago, burned down, but somehow deep below the ground a strange madness still survives. You will not stroll through this creepy basement at a leisurely pace as you uncover a generation of descendants of the inmates who once lived there. They are barely recognizable as human yet, are still alive in the crumbling, damp, and fetid netherworld of the asylum’s forgotten basement level. Subsisting mostly on phosphorescent fungus scraped from the basement walls, their translucent skin glows a sickly green.

Buck Hill 2 Buck HIll 1 Buck hill3

Not enough? Then another of the many attractions here includes your opportunity to peruse the lovely Orchard Manor, a charming Dead and Breakfast. This five bedroom Victorian manor is nestled in a rustic hillside setting, and offers stained glass windows, preserved moldings, hardwood floors, and an exquisite fireplace in the formal dining room. A walk-in closet in the master bedroom, spacious in-ground basement, and an enchanting attic, provide plenty of additional room. Built in 1892, this house is a historical treasure, and it is still waiting for the right owner. Can you spend even part of a night here? Beware!

FrightMares at Buck Hill has many other haunts and attractions. Also is a great line up of live bands on selected weekends including the Killer Hayseeds October 26th and Good for Gary October 25th. Also watch for danger magic with Magician Kevin Hall on Friday and Saturday Nights.

Buck Hill has a very cool Halloween Park that runs on selected dates in October. Check the details out at their website.


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  1. 1 mia October 1, 2013 at 2:57 pm

    “Buck Hill is great! This is a very cool Halloween place!”

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