Micro Grants Fund Raiser in Minneapolis is a Hit!

On Sunday evening I enjoyed meeting many wonderful people at the Micro Grants Fund Raiser.  This was held at the beautiful grand ballroom of the 601 Graves Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. This is right across the street from the Target Center and is known for their fine dining and excellence in service.

The following is the comment that the coordinator of the event wrote to me after the event.  I think they really liked the magician entertainment.

“Norm provided his ‘walk-around’ magic services for our 5th Anniversary Gala at the Graves 601 Hotel here in Minneapolis.  Having used his stage show services in the past, we already knew him to be the best choice. Norm is not only a master magician but doing his ‘mingling magic‘ he’s also a master of providing magic and comedy in a respective and unobtrusive manner. He knows how to work his way in and around the crowd, so you hardly know he’s there until bursts of laughter or “WOWs” are heard from various small groups around the event. Norm, you’re simply the BEST!”

– Tricia Haynes, MicroGrants.
MicroGrants is wonderful organization that has helped many individuals start small businesses.  There was one woman who spoke at the event who was able to start pie business with a grant. Her acclaimed sweet potato pie brought her much success. She even had her pies taken to the inauguration of President Obama, by Senator Amy Klobuchar.  This is a wonderful organization that has helped many begin businesses Learn more about MicroGrants at their website. 

For more information how to add pizzaz to special events with the comedy and fun with a strolling magicoan in Minneapolis and St. Paul, please check  MagicNorm.com
A walk around Magic entertainer is a great addition to fund raisers and corporate banquets.

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