Magicians Club in Singapore

Over 50 Magical entertainers in Singapore came to the Bayview Hotel to enjoy an evening of performance and magic instruction by me, Comic Magician Norm Barnhart.

I have lectured for many magician’s organizations and conventions across the U.S. and Canada, but this is the furthest from home I’ve traveled to present a workshop.  The wonderful people of Singapore made me feel welcome and right at home. Their sparkling city is a tribute to the hard work and skill of this very talented people.

My first day in town was a very pleasant one as Kenneth from the Magician’s club met me and took me all over this beautiful city. Magic is a cool brotherhood where you have an instant connection with someone wherever you are. Kenneth’s tour took us to an old British fort that was a major battle in WWII as well as to see many other sites and historic places on the island of Sentosa.

I enjoyed a beautiful tour of the city by boat with Ken and learned a lot of history along the way.  Another great attraction was the Museum of Asian Art featuring many types of art from around the continent.

I enjoyed performing as Normondo for the Mayor and other dignitaries at several shows in the Classic Raffles Theater. The show included acts from across the U.S., Singapore, Malaysia and Japan.  We also visited a school and presented entertainment at a huge festival.  It was very fun and educaitonal.

Normondo & the Comedy Pickpocket Act

Comedy Magician - Normondo the Great in Vegas

Normondo Performes at the Bayview Hotel in Singapore for the International Brotherhood of Magicians Club

The magicians were a great audience as they laughed and became a part of the Normondo Act.

More antics of Normondo in Singapore

You can watch U-Tube clips of Normondo live as well as teaching a secret fork bending trick he invented at

Having fun with Magicians in Singapore - John Teo set up the arraingments for my visit to the Magicians club

Having fun with Magicians in Singapore - John Teo set up the arrangements for my visit to the Magicians club


1 Response to “Magicians Club in Singapore”

  1. 1 George September 14, 2010 at 10:38 am

    Enjoyed your entertaining lecture in Singapore at Bayview Hotel. Thanks for posing photo with me. I’m sure you also enjoyed yourself very much while in Singapore.

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