A Wonderful Trip to Singapore

Singapore is a city full of very friendly people. I have enjoyed 9 days here  so far.

There have been several stage shows that I have been apart of at a classic theater that was originally build in the 1800’s. One show was a special event for the Mayor of Singapore.  He is a kind and delightful gentleman who keeps this city moving forward.

Other shows included for a boys home and a huge festival at a park on the shore. The sky was filled with kites that were flown from the top of this modern designed 4 story structure. I will post pictures later this week.

I also enjoyed  presenting a lecture for the magicians cling #115 in Singapore. Over 50 people showed up for the 2 hour seminar that included me doing two short shows and then two segments where I taught some of my magical inventions.

Norm Teaching at Magician's Club

Many of the magicians have taken me out to dinner and lunch and site seeing.

I am also speaking and teaching at a convention of comedy entertainers. This has been a very fun group to present for and I have enjoyed walking all over town in the evenings with my new friends from Malaysia.

Enjoy your day and bring a smile to someone you meet.


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