Crazy Daze

My schedule is thankfully full and it has kept me cruising like crazy for past two weeks.  The High School Lock-in graduation parties have keep me running at full speed and on little sleep.

Last night I entertained at the Dakota Fitness Center at the Mystic Lake Casino. This is my 4th year with this particular school and I had a blast.  The students were so engaged and laughing like crazy at the entertainment. I especially enjoy doing a few mind reading type magic tricks as the reaction can be quit fascinating.  it is fun to see the high school students jaws drop at the amazing magic illusions.  They know it is a trick, but they have not a clue and that elicits a  strong reaction.

The Dakota Fitness Center is a great place for this type of event.  There is a huge basketball court and racket ball courts.  the inflatable company was able to set up several huge games in the gym and the students had fun bouncing in the huge games.

I love to make people laugh and I look forward to bringing laughter to your event. I tailor the presentation to the age group. Check it out at


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