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National Train Day – Family Fun

Comedy magic at National Train

Magician in Minneapolis at Amtrak Train Station entertaining the families in line

National Train Day at the Amtrak Station in the Twin Cities.  Beautiful train cars on display and many people came to see the

Magic in MN


Fun with Staff Development

Yesterday was a very fun afternoon as I presented my motivational speech and facilitated for a professional group. The program began with my motivational magical presentation on Teamwork and Service and then we had a longer session on the value of humor in the workplace.

The second part is a lively presentation on the value of humor in the workplace for stress release, team building, communication and having a healthy and positive attitude. I led many exercises that involve improvisation techniques and get the participants up and involved in a fun and non-threatening way. We covered listening skills, quick thinking, and trust issues. This is also a time for lots of laughter and laughter is a wonderful team building tool.

The event finished with an exercise I developed that I call, the award ceremony where the participants use their creative skills to give fun and funny awards to others in the group. This part of the program is filled with laughter and yet it is also touching as many gave heartfelt appreciation to others on their team.

I was thrilled to hear the positive feedback from the participants after the presentation.

Your business or professional group may need a positive pick me up as they find the benefits of humor in the workplace with this motivational keynote and breakout session.   I’d love to bring this fun team building presentation to your staff. Check it out at

National Train Day May 8th

National Train Day Event in St Paul, MN

I’ll be presenting three shows at the Amtrak station in St. Paul, MN for National Train Day this Saturday.

Come have some fun, see the trains and enjoy a laugh with the magic show.

Comedy is Everywhere

A funny thing happened to me on the way to …   Actually funny things are happening all around us and if we keep our eyes open we can really find more happiness in life.

Look around you might want to collect a list of the funny things that have happened throughout the day. When we laugh and take things less seriously we can overcome the minor frustrations with grace and kindness. It is good for us laugh and enjoy life.

Here is a favorite from my humor file:

A Chicago Politician during a debate in the late 1990’s said.

“I don’t want to cast asparagus at my opponent!!”

Funny slips of the lip can bring a smile and make our days brighter. Look for humor – it’s everywhere!!

Humor Brightens the Day

Chuck Yeager was one of our nation’s greatest test pilots. He said, “Unfortunately many people do not consider fun an important item of their  daily agenda. For me that was always a high priority in whatever I was doing.”

Take a fun break in your day and see the benefits of a bit of humor in your life and workplace.Humor is a very healthy thing  to experience and it also helps you discover creative and innovative solutions to problems and challenges. The creative part of the mid is the same part that enjoys a good laugh.

Laughter comes from the surprise of a unexpected situation. For a baby it is the surprise of “peek-a-boo” for adults the surprise comes from the punch line of a joke as the unexpected conclusion is understood by the mind and it reacts with a laugh.

Take a moment and find some humor in a cartoon, comic or funny article. Take a short humor break and bring some coffee if you want. You will come back to your tasks with a new outlook. This part of the mind that is joggled by humor is the same part that gives us our “ah-hah” moments. The creative side is stimulated and we gain a fresh perspective on challenges and problems. The result is a better chance of finding a solution.

Find ways to encourage others around you. Spread a smile and bring a laugh with a humorous story, joke or cartoon. As you spread humor and good will you will make your work environment a cheerful and more productive place.

Be like Chuck Yeager and set aside some time in your day for a bit of fun.