Fun with Staff Development

Yesterday was a very fun afternoon as I presented my motivational speech and facilitated for a professional group. The program began with my motivational magical presentation on Teamwork and Service and then we had a longer session on the value of humor in the workplace.

The second part is a lively presentation on the value of humor in the workplace for stress release, team building, communication and having a healthy and positive attitude. I led many exercises that involve improvisation techniques and get the participants up and involved in a fun and non-threatening way. We covered listening skills, quick thinking, and trust issues. This is also a time for lots of laughter and laughter is a wonderful team building tool.

The event finished with an exercise I developed that I call, the award ceremony where the participants use their creative skills to give fun and funny awards to others in the group. This part of the program is filled with laughter and yet it is also touching as many gave heartfelt appreciation to others on their team.

I was thrilled to hear the positive feedback from the participants after the presentation.

Your business or professional group may need a positive pick me up as they find the benefits of humor in the workplace with this motivational keynote and breakout session.   I’d love to bring this fun team building presentation to your staff. Check it out at


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