Next Magic Cafe Features Normondo the Great

Comedy Magician - Normondo the Great

The Magic Cafe presents Normondo the Great on May 7th in Minneapolis. This show wlll have several Minneapolis comedy magicians and is a real treat.

Normondo will be performing in Singapore this summer as well as in Kentucky in the Fall  Just today an appearance was set for  a national entertainer’s convention in Kansas City for 2012. Also in February of 2011 he’ll appear at a national entertainer’s convention in Connecticut.  In the summer of 2011 he was just booked yesterday for a convention of entertainers in South Carolina.

Performers and entertainer host  conventions to share ideas and learn new skills. The man behind Normondo is an author and comic entertainer from the Twin Cities.. He is invited to teach on comedy writing and magic inventions he has developed. The other artists enjoy seeing the Normondo show as a part of their banquet entertainment.

Normondo won first place at America’s Funniest Magician contest in 2007 in Las Vegas.  More at


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