Comedy Magic in Winnipeg

This past week I was a featured performer and M.C. at at convention in Winnipeg, Canada.  It was a blast entertaining and teaching classes for this fun group of family entertainers and performers. These entertainers are always looking for something new to add to their shows for family parties and special events so they were very positive in their response to my magic classes.

it was fun to be the M.C. for two of the shows here. I also M.C. for the kick off event.  The way I do M.C. work for this group involved doing some longer 2-3 minute bits between contestants in their international contest.  I bring lots of stand up comedy as well ans magic and some prop gags.   The people were very enthusiastic and kind in their comments after.

This group was also very appreciative of the comedy magic classes that I taught.  I share many original routines and magic tricks.  I have invented many tricks and it is fun to hear other entertainers say, “I like that, and I want to add it to my show!”  My classes recieved many great reviews fromthe participants.

I have worked this convention more than 7 times and always enjoy bringing some smiles to the attendees each time.  I look forward to entertaining at your next event or convention.

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