Family Dance at the Media Entertainment Center

Comic Magician - Magic Norm

It is fun to bring smiles and laughter to families. Recently I had the opportunity to once again present my comedy and magic at the Medina Entertainment Center for their annual family Dance.  I’ve worked this event a couple times before and it is a blast. 

Chopper the DJ spins the hits and leads the kids in the Limbo, Hoola Hooping and dance contests. No dance party is complete without the twist and the Hokey Pokey.  Moms and Dads even had their own contest and the kids cheered them on. At one point  Chopper the D.J. led the group in a fun train song that had a line of kids stretched  across the huge dance floor at the Medina Ballroom.  I enjoy working at this fun event and the families always have a great time.

The Medina is a a great place for a game of bowling and I enjoyed this with my daughter before the event.

I enjoy watching the kid’s faces light up in amazement at the comedy magic and then watch the parents react to the look of wonder on the kid’s faces.  What  is really fun for me is to wait a moment or two and then see the parent’s faces light up as they find themselves scratching their heads and wondering how the magic tricks work. This is a double fun moment as the parents often say that they thought the tricks were for the kids and they find themselves just as amazed.

That is OK.  Magic fun for grown ups too. It is good to feel the sense of wonder and be like a 4th grader again!  That is what comedy and magic are all about.

I do many events for company banquets and events where there are no kids. Corporate groups love the magic and comedy fun too. I enjoy bringing laughs and a sense of wonder to special events. We are now booking company picnics for the summer. Check it all out at:

Call for a fun Magician in Minnesota.


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