Country Musician Greg Hager

Singer - Songwriter - Greg Hager and Magician - Norm Barnhart

At the North Dakota Winter Show I had the privilege of sharing the stage with Country Western Singer Songwriter Greg Hagar. Greg and his band played several excellent sets and was a hit. His original music touched me on a deep level. His songs are inspired by the hard working people of the Midwest.

There are many challenges in life and his music talks about overcoming struggles and looking on the bright side.

One song, “Paradise” is a sweet love song to his wife. It compares looking for happiness by traveling to sunny places to finding paradise at home. Another song, “A Century Too Late,” is also the name of his second album. It is a powerful salute to North Dakota and how he wished he was born here 100 years ago with Teddy Roosevelt and other heroes.

Greg had several songs that really make you thing and appreciate the good.  His song, “Shine” is a salute to the people who blazed the trail that he follows. He takes his hat off in tribute to Chris LaDoux and Kyle Evans and their classic Cowboy music.

2 Responses to “Country Musician Greg Hager”

  1. 1 Greg Hager June 7, 2010 at 1:15 am


    Thanks for the nice post. I hope our paths cross again.


    • 2 magicnorm June 8, 2010 at 5:39 pm


      You have a great ear for melody and lyrics. You bring happiness to many people through your music. You are a voice for many. Carry on Traveling Troubadour! I look forward to sharing the stage with you again.

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