Hollywood’s Famous Magic Castle

My recent trip to Hollywood to hang out with some of the best magicians from around the world was a very fun and educational experience. Our gathering was held right next to the renowned Magic Castle at the Magic Castle Hotel. The Magic Castle is a wonderful place where magicians from around the world gather to entertain each other as well as guests who include Hollywood’s  famous and not so. The castle is filled with trap doors, secret hallways and a 5 bars and many areas to eat.

The walls are filled with beautiful and historic posters and memorabilia from magic’s stars. Edgar Bergan’s “Charlie McCarthy” was on display from the movie they made about the circus. You can also see the pool table that was used for many years in the live act as well as in one of the silent W.C.Fields Movies. One day we ate a noon meal in a small room with a table for 13. This is the room that features a cool Houdini seance two nights  a week. The walls of the room were covered with photographs and portraits of Houdini in beautiful frames.  One wall had a straitjacket that Houdini escaped from while hanging upside down from a tall building. In the corner was a large milk can that was filled with water and Houdini plunged in a heavy lid put in place, and then locked with many padlocks. The Great Houdini was able to escape from this dangerous situation. I was thankful for the opportunity to sit next to that historic artifact from show business. The food at the Magic Castle was excellent.

Our meetings included a luncheon with Max Maven the world traveling mentalist. He has worked the top comedy clubs and corporate events across the nation. His stories and insights were amazing.

Mind Reader - Mentalist Max Maven & Comic Magician Norm Barnhart in Hollywood

Max Maven has been the booking director of the Magic Castle for many years.  Many magicians from our team made appearances on the Magic Castle stages over the weekend.

The Magic Castle is a wonderful museum of magical memorabilia.  If you would like to visit this historic, amazing and exclusive place, it is possible to get in by being a guest of a member.

Magic and comedy will make your next event memorable. For a professional comedy magician in Minneapolis, check MagicNorm.com. I do clean comedy and fun corporate magic show for holiday parties and banquets.

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