Imation – A Dynamic Company

Recently I had the opportunity to present three programs at the world headquarters of Imation.  This is a dynamic and innovative company that is poised for continued success.  I was very impressed with the wonderful people and their kindness to me.  I was also impressed with their “Wall of Patents.” Imation holds over 340 patents on data storage items and on this wall is a plaque for each patent and a salute to the people who helped develop the innovations.

Imation’s products cover the 4 major types of data storage – magnetic, recordable optical, flash and removable hard disk media. They have also acquired several major brands such as Memorex. Memorex was my favorite brand of recording tape back in my radio days in the late 70’s.

In 2008, Imation acquired XtremeMac, the leading supplier of iPod and iPhone accessories, adding popular mobile products to its portfolio.

The Imation team is encouraged to build strong relationships with customers.  This is beneficial as they are able to use customer insights to help them innovate and improve. Their goal is to be a leader in this field and their sharp team is the key to their current and future success. They promote creativity in their staff and that is a vital key to innovation in products and marketing.

On the  NYSE they are: IMN. Learn more at

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