Speaking and Teaching in California

I’m excited to be on my way to California to speak in Hollywood for a group of professional magicians.  These people are the top of their field from all over the US as well as around the world.  I get to share a bungalow with 2 guys. One is  from Puerto Rico and has his own weekly TV show and the other is from Columbia and has been a full time entertainer for many years.  These guys will be fun to hang around and I look forward to learning some new things from them and the other special guest speakers.

The leader of this organization is David Kaye, from N.Y.C.  He is one of the top New York magicians and has performed for the families of Bruce Springsteen, David Letterman and many other celebrities.  He was also featured on CelebriMagic a show produced by VH1 last year.

I will speak and teach on adding comedy to the act as well as demonstrate the methods for a number of my original magic tricks.  It is fun to be a Comedy Magician in Minneapolis, but it is very nice to get away during the Cold of January.


1 Response to “Speaking and Teaching in California”

  1. 1 MagicBrad December 27, 2009 at 3:21 pm

    Nice gig Norm!
    Head for the Warm, Norm!
    – MagicBrad

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