2009 – A Busy Year of Entertaining other Entertainers.

I have so much to be thankful for. This year has taken me to some wonderful cities to meet many great people and teach at conferences for Magicians, Speakers and Entertainers. It is fun to share my original comedy methods and magic inventions.

It was great to travel to warm Florida and work with Harry Anderson, Charlotte Pendragon and Harry Allan at Daytona Beach, Florida State Magicians Annual Convention. Before the stop in Florida I had an opportunity to lecture and teach in Norfolk, VA.  This workshop was a presentation of my inventions and ideas on comedy magic. I shared many of my creations and the crowd was very receptive. Everyone is looking for something new to make their act stand out so I was thrilled that they really liked the indeas I brought.  I also like to teach the methods that make the comedy stronger.

I meet so many unique and amazing people in this business. One gentleman, Sergeant David Rosado, works in the Sheriff’s office in Chesapeake, VA and uses his magic to encourage kids to say no to drugs.  He said that he picked up many good ideas at the workshop.  I may be seeing him again next fall as he is the president of his local Society of American Magicians in North Carolina and he said that he plans to get his group to invite me to speak there.

In August of 2009 I was the banquet entertainer and taught Comedy Writing Techniques at a convention of entertainers in Indianapolis.  Back in May of this year I was invited to teach 4 workshops on subjects ranging from Comedy Writing to Business Building and Marketing Techniques for Entertainers in Calgary, Canada. I was honored to be their headliner act that year and I was thrilled by their reception to my show at their banquet.

In February I was the headliner Act and taught three workshops for entertainers at a convention in Williamsburg VA.  There were many fun and funny entertainers here and it was a joy to M.C. their show and be their featured act. It is fun to meet other entertainers and to share some of the things I have discovered in my years in this unusual business. I learn so much from the people I get to meet that I am doubly blessed.

It is an special honor when your peers invite you to come and entertain them.  I am a bit nervous as some of these folks have been in the business a lot longer than I and they have seen it all.  But I realize that, like anyone, they love to laugh and have a good time. I relax, do my best, in my own style and watch them enjoy the show. It is fun to see their reaction. Many come by and comment on how much they laughed and that their sides hurt, etc. Everyone needs a good laugh once in a while.  I find great joy in bringing laughs and humor to people. It’s a wonderful life.

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