MN Author Norm Barnhart’s four hard cover Magic Books – Now in Paperback!

The beautifully graphically designed books that came out 2 years ago are now combined in a deluxe paperback and a very reasonable price.  Capstone Press did a fabulous job producing these books.  I was invited on board to write these books and it was a very challenging process and the deadlines came up very quickly.  It was fun to create the tricks and write the secrets in a style that can be understood by even reluctant readers.  About half of the material are my original tricks and the other half are variations on old classic magic tricks.

Check them out, by searching by my name at Barnes &, or

Or order on my website, click here

The Magic Book would make a great gift for any youngster between age 5-15. I think it would be a great gift for an adult too. You can learn the tricks very easily and do them for your kids and grandkids. Then show them how you learned it from a book and off they go with a love of reading as they realize all the cool things you can learn when you read.

Teachers will discover many good magic tricks that they can use in their class rooms. Check my website for more on how teachers can use magic in their classrooms to motivate reading, teach writing , speaking  and science.


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