Humor is the Magic in Relationships

My sweet wife and I just celebrated our 27th Anniversary and I was reflecting on how humor is such a vital part of any relationship.

Researchers have proven the value of humor in the workplace. It is an important asset to successful teambuilding and customer service.   Anyone who is married more than 7 months probably realizes the helpful effects of humor in their relationship.

In the dating stage of the relationship almost everyone says that they adored their companion’s sense of humor. But after being married I discovered how vital that humor is to a healthy balanced relationship. We need humor to help us over the rough spots in life. If we can laugh at our slipups, mistakes, blunders and just plain bad choices, we are on the path to forgiveness and understanding.

I’m known for being a funny guy, but my wife has the best sense of humor.  Who else could so humorously bring me down to size?  Recently, I stepped out in my new swim suit, struck a Charles Atlas pose and said, “ah, a Greek god!”  I was quickly out-quipped by her comment, “More like a geek god.”

My sweetheart works in a bank. Once she brought a small gag gift, hand held device to her office that emits a small spray of sparks. It is like a joy buzzer that shoots sparks off a wind up flywheel.  This was the day the computer guy came to do check ups.  Before he came she surprised each of her co-workers with this same device.  Finally the computer guy arrives and after he tools around a bit she says, “Well there is one other thing about this computer, whenever I touch this button…” She lightly touches the number 7 on her computer keyboard and at the same time lets the sparks fly. The guy about does a double back flip, “shut it down – where’s the power supply!!!…” Everyone else who had been tricked by this device earlier got to enjoy seeing the computer expert encounter a very unique problem.  When he realized he had been tricked, he was the best sport of all and he laughed like crazy.  He probably still tells his friends about that crazy woman at the bank.

We all need a bit of humor to spark up our day.   Humor helps us realize we are simply human. We have troubles and challenges but laughter brings joy to our lives. It mixes things up and brightens our day. Go spread some humor.


1 Response to “Humor is the Magic in Relationships”

  1. 1 Yo' Momma May 18, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    I try and I try and I try. Humor is the antidote. Well said.

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