Eden Prarie Grand Opening Features Harmon Killebrew

Spire and Minnesota Twins Hall of Famer Harmon Killegrew have teamed up to celebrate the grand opening of the new Eden Prarie Branch on Saturday, April 25 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

While Harmon Killibrew is signing autographs – Comic Magician Norm Barnhart will present strolling magic along the line and throughout the office.

Norm’s Note:
I’m excited about the opportunity to meet and hang with Mr. Killebrew. The Spire Company invited me to be a good will ambassador and present magic to the people who are waiting in line for Mr. Killebrew. This is very fun and helps the guests pass the time as they wait. I really enjoy entertaining with strolling magic as its fun to see the smiling faces and looks of amazment on the people’s faces.

I was also fortunate to present magic for fans waiting to see Twins great, Tony Olieva several years ago. Mr Olieva is a very kind gentleman who really loves the fans.

Strolling Magic on Musical Cruise Ship 

Last year I worked on a special musical cruise ship in the Carabean and presented magic while people waited to meet bands that had performed on ship. There were over 30 recording artists and bands performing and doing autograph sessions on this cruise.  The lines got to be as much as 2 hours wait, so the producers of the cruise felt that comedy and magic would brighten people’s day as they waited to meet their favorite artists.

I enjoyed working on this Cruise Ship with two other fine magicians, Don Bursell and Mike Norton.  The three of us worked the main showroom one day for a full house.  It was a great crowd who loved to laugh and the three act show was a hit.  Don finished the show with tall unicycles and and juggling. A difficult stunt on a rocking ship.  

When the line had finally ended, I would be the last in line and the musicians would want to see some magic too. So I felt doubly fortunate to get to meet some cool stars and also bring them a laugh and a bit of joy after their autograph session.

Strolling Comedy Magic adds fun to special events like Cruise Ships, Minnesota Twins autograph sessions and even Company Banquets.


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